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Can Nancy Pelosi act as President before the November Election?

Howabotthat, opinion corner: The speaker of the House of Congress, Hon. Nancy Pelosi who is the 3rd in line to the office of the President of the United States should at this time work from home, stay safe be fully ready to step up to the plate to lead the country in the event a COVID-19 health emergency prevents both the President and the VP from functioning.

God Forbid: The reckless behavior of both the President and the Vice President of our country can force a leadership emergency for the world's number one democracy. Both men are defying the White House and their very own rules and requirements which is putting their staff, family, and themselves at serious risk. This Howaboutthat's opinion is without malice, politic or ill will, but with deep concerns for our country and the lives that are at risk; especially the Black and Latinx people. In the meantime, Howaboutthat, calls on both the President and Vice President to demonstrate better judgment and abide by their own rules; further, both men should take the next two weeks to self-quarantine and work from home or the White House via zoom or other social media, with only emergency staff. Now more than ever before the country needs its Commander-In-Chief to be healthy, safe, and strong for its people who are dying for a firm and convincing leadership. In the history of our country, it has not gotten to the point where the third in line for the office of the President has been called upon to lead; however, the seriousness of this COVID-19 placed us on un-chartered ground, where, not just the third in line for the commander, but the command chain all the way to the fifth in command for the President's office, must, unfortunately, be ready! Notwithstanding, the next Presidential election is less than six months away and it's approximately eight months from the inauguration of the next Commander-in-Chief. The country will still need stability every day of the week, until such time. In the meantime, all of us should be praying for the good health of both the President and VP of our country.

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