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Howaboutthat? ComEd

At a time when the world is seriously affected by COVID-19 and the poor and working-class people can barely afford food for their families, some of the major corporations can see no room for bill-payment forgiveness for the less fortunate. ComEd is one of those companies.

 One of our FB fans informed us of ComEd, who until press time for this post, has no forgiveness program for its customers.  Howaboutthat contacted ComEd and was told that the only program available for customers is one that can delay or make special payment arrangements, but no discount, bill for forgiveness or temporary waiving of one month or any months at this time. The world right now if ​is full of uncertainty, the poor and middle-class have been paying their utility bills faithfully over the years. Howabotthat, hopes ComEd will reconsider and do a little better. Howaboutthat for major corporations! Keep on emailing or sharing your ideas and thought​s, and follow us on​

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