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Is the President really taking Hydroxychloroquine or is it part of his lies?

A Howaboutthat commentary: Under normal circumstances, the people

listen and take the advice and direction of their leader.  In the case

of a real emergency, pandemic, war, disaster and/or other act of God,

like this current COVID-19.  The people are hellbent, glued to the

media for the breaking news and for their leader's direction.  The

people will adhere to and adopt the advice of their President/Leader.

Now, against the advice of the nation's leading Scientists and all the

health experts, President Trump is going all-in on pushing

hydroxychloroquine as a way to fight the coronavirus ... he says he's

taking the stuff himself!!! That's right, folks ... Trump claims he's

been ...

But is President Trump really taking the hydroxychloroquine daily as

he claims? Did he just take one and flush the bottle or remainder down

the toilet, if there was a bottle? Did his doctor or anyone examine

him to verify that he has been taking (swallowing) a daily dose for

the time he claimed?

Let's keep in mind for the first time in the history of America, we

have inherited a President who has knowingly lied maybe ninety percent

of the time!  The sad thing about all of this is that a percentage of

our people will follow his lead and adhere and do the things he says

and does, which can cause death!   Do you remember Jim Jones who went

to Guyana and caused the death of hundreds of his followers?

There is no time left for the President to stop his lying, we know it

is part of his DNA.  Remember everything he does, must be about him,

with the concern for the people is nowhere in his interest.

Therefore, we trust that our people of America will listen to the

Scientists, Health experts, and those who are not afraid to speak

truth to power and make their own decisions.

If there was ever a time America, the leader of the world, needs a

trustworthy President, the time is now!  We encourage all Americans to

please register to vote!

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