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Martin’s International Foundation (a nonprofit 501 (c) ) (3) organization) seeks the participation of a sponsor in our community to bring health awareness by educating the public about health issues, such as: HIV, Diabetes, Kidney, Cancer , Hepatitis C and other diseases at the 27th  annual Festival of Life Health Pavilio, July 4 - 7, 2019. 

Our health fair will primarily focus on the prevalence and diagnosis of MS, Hepatitis C and the importance of taking care of one’s health. With millions of people suffering from MS and over 3.2 million affected by Hepatitis C within the US, and also millions of people dying yearly with vital organs that can be donated to save the lives of thousands;  our key goal is to increase awareness among 60,000 plus  local festival attendees, primarily African Americans and Hispanics.  With our television sponsor, NBC, the four day event broadcast reaches more than 2 million people nationally.

The health education event will be held on July 4th – 7th Chicago, IL.  The International Festival of Life primarily serves the Chicago land communities with a focus on the heritage, lifestyle and culture of peoples of the Caribbean, Africa, Latin and North America, among other regions.  The two mottos, adopted since its inception in 1993, are “Bringing Nations Together” and “Living Together as One," as we seek to highlight healthier living for our people.

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